Murcia Cheese
Protected Designation of Origin

Regulatory council

​The Regulatory Council is the authority responsible for managing both, the «Murcia PDO cheeses» brand and certifies cheesemaker. To comply with its functions, has a set of Regulations, a document registered by the European Union, containing all aspects regarding producers, the product, internal operation, etc.

The principal functions of the Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin “Queso de Murcia” are:

  • To defend “Murcia PDO cheeses” trademark, and monitoring the use of the Trademark, both in origin and destination.
  • To control the farms, milk, dairies and cheeses under the parameters specified in the Regulations and in the rules in accordance with Quality Standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17065, carrying out regular inspections and taking samples which are analysed and subject to the evaluation of an expert tasting panel, to ensure that the cheeses reach the consumers with all the guarantees regarding origin, manufacturing process and final quality.
  • The promotion of the “Murcia PDO cheeses”, is the third responsibility of the Regulatory Council, designing and implementing different communication, publicity and public relations activities to make “Queso de Murcia” better known and enable consumers to distinguish between the authentic cheese and imitations, so they can demand and really enjoy what they have paid for.

Consejo Regulador de las DOP Queso de Murcia y Queso de Murcia al Vino
Pl. de la Alcoholera, 3 – 2ª Plta. – Ed. Sociocultural Roque Baños
30520 Jumilla
Tel: (+34) 679 162 813

​Get to know and enjoy our different types of Murcia Cheese PDO

Murcia AL VINO Cheese PDO

Macerated in red Spanish wine to give the rind the characteristic color and aroma.

Murcia CURADO Cheese PDO

Pressed cheese made from Murcian goats’ milk. Matured for 120 days minimum.

Murcia FRESCO Cheese PDO

Pressed cheese made from Murcian goats’ milk, presented in fresh (Fresco).

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